New Hull Event Blends Digital With Creativity

This article was originally written and published by the Centre For Digital Innovation.

Three C4DI coworking members are teaming up to organise a series of events that aim to bring together the region's digital and creative communities. 

Creative Point is the brainchild of Matt Johnson, Tim Goodfellow and Courtney Farrow and sees three types of brand new events on offer for the C4DI community. 


"We want to create a space where creatives can connect with the tech and business community in Hull and let them know that they have a role to play in our digital future," explains Courtney, Copywriter and Director at Bloom. 

"If you told me that I would be working in the tech sector a few years ago when I was studying for my degree in History, I'd have probably laughed. The truth is, creative subjects give you a lot of transferable skills that are needed in the digital world." 

The three types of events are INSPIRE, INFORM and LEARN. 

INSPIRE invites speakers from across the country to speak on a wide range of topics, whether this is a specific career path they've chosen, campaign or event they've started or business they've set up. 

"Inspire is about the big stories and ideas that we'll all be able to take something away from. Whether that's an idea for your own work or motivation to achieve your next goal, these sessions will highlight to attendees what is achievable in the world of digital marketing and content creation." reveals Matt, Freelance Social Media Marketer. 

Meanwhile, INFORM focuses on the method behind those big success stories. 

"We want to delve into specific topics, such as copywriting, animation, and influencer marketing. Hearing from experts in these areas, we have created these sessions to help businesses grow and thrive," Matt continues. 

Lastly, LEARN takes a more intimate approach, where attendees can learn a new skill or brush up their knowledge in a workshop-style format. These sessions will give attendees 'takeaway' practical tips they can implement straight away with limited resources. 

Tim Goodfellow, Courtney Farrow and Matt Johnson (left to right).

Tim Goodfellow, Courtney Farrow and Matt Johnson (left to right).

"The idea behind the different types of events is to attract a range of different people, all with their own unique talents and strengths," adds Tim, Freelance Copywriter at Goodfellow Content. 

"We want to empower creatives to use their craft to start their own business - as we have done - while creating a talent and knowledge pool for the tech companies in Hull and East Yorkshire." 

Creative Point kicks off on Wednesday 17 July, with an afternoon jam-packed full of LEARN workshops, giving people a taste for what's to come. 

"You can pick and mix the workshops that appeal to you, or come along to all four; it's entirely up to you," Courtney tells us. 

The initial workshops primarily focus on digital content creation, from copywriting and social media to podcasting on a budget. 

Tim kicks off the day with a session titled ‘How To Write Good’. 

‘Technically everybody can write. But when you're engaging, connecting and selling with words, there's a bit more to it. In this session I’ll give you a few top tips for making your writing more engaging.

If the thought of writing a blog post sends shivers down your spine or emits a tiny groan of dis-content, then this is for you! There will be some real trade secrets here, so don't miss it!’

Followed by Courtney, who'll unveil the art of the hashtag

"Everyone loves a hashtag. But, are your hashtags adding real value to your social media posts? My workshop shows you how you can choose the right hashtags to boost your engagement and grow your presence online," she enthuses. 

On top of this, Matt - who has his own podcast - demonstrates how you can start your own podcast with a £0 budget. 

"Podcasting is a booming industry and a great way to communicate with your audience. In this session, we’ll explore cost-effective solutions and how we can add podcasting to your marketing toolbox.” " 

Lastly, we'll be welcoming back familiar face Jenni Harrison, Head of Media at eskimosoup and celebrated social media mentor to marketers and business owners across the Humberside region, as she offers an exploration into social media strategy that actually works to forge real connections with an audience, creating a dedicated and loyal online community.