What You Can Expect From Our Next Event

On Thursday 5 September, we’ll be hosting our first ever INSPIRE event.

Hearing from David Watson, Director of External Affairs at National Museums Liverpool, we’re in for a stellar evening.


But what can you expect?

Officially, we start at 6pm, but let’s be honest, all three of us work out of C4DI and will have probably been setting up throughout the day, so if you get there 10 minutes early, it won’t be an issue. There’ll be someone there to greet you and tick you off the attendees list.

With the talk not due to start until nearer 6.30pm, there’ll be plenty of time to mingle, meet new people and maybe even swap a few business cards. Although this won’t be a formal networking session, we are hoping to provide a platform on which a Creative Point Community can grow.

So, make the most of the opportunity to meet fellow “Pointiacs” (OK, no-one has ever called us that, but hey, it could be a thing…. one day…. maybe!).

As well as meeting fellow Pontiacs (I’m sticking with it now), there’ll be drinks provided, maybe the odd alcoholic beverage if we’re lucky and, most importantly of all, PIZZA! 🍕

 If you have any specific dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Once we’ve finished stuffing our faces with pizza and we’ve mingled to our heart’s content, we’ll then move through to the theatre for the start of the presentation.

One of us will do the whole “fire drill, toilets etc.” spiel and then we’ll talk a little bit about Creative Point for those who have accidentally stumbled across this glorious event.

After we’ve finished rabbiting on, we’ll handover to the man we’re all there to see. David Watson.

David Watson.png

David’s talk will be split in two, giving you the chance to nip to the loo, grab another drink or just revel in how amazing Creative Point is in the break! In the first half of his talk, the plan is for David to cover creativity for tech platforms drawing from his experiences at organisations such as Royal Opera House, London 2012, English National Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Then, after the break, we’ll hear about his experiences building the Hull 2017 integrated tech platform. As you can tell, there’ll be something for creatives, techies, marketers, business owners and everyone else!

After the talks we’re hoping you’ll hang around networking for a few minutes whilst we clear up. Once we’ve got that out the way, we’ll be heading to the pub where we’ll continue the conversation.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can book tickets by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you there!