Why we did it: Inspire

Sometimes all it takes is an insightful comment, a word of encouragement or a statement that pricks the ear to change the course of someone’s life.

Ok maybe that sounds grandiose and I’m not suggesting that’s guaranteed to happen at Creative Point all the time but I can vouch for the times that an inspiring talk has fundamentally changed my perspective or given me a nudge to take something to the next level.

Creative Point, an event for creatives and businesspeople alike, is centred around three different kinds of events. One of those is Inspire and the idea behind this is pretty self-explanatory.

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When the three Creative Point founders got together to create an event, part of our motivation was admittedly selfish. After all events are a great way of marketing your business and opening up networking opportunities. Not to mention it’s a fun thing to do.

But we also all shared a desire to inspire creatives and give something back to the local creative community. There aren’t many similar things happening in the Hull and East Yorkshire area so we felt there was definitely a gap in the market.

We understand the challenges people with a creative gift face. Many people regardless of their talent and ability, often lack the confidence to own what they do and make it the main thing.

This is often a result of imposter syndrome and creative people being their own worst critic. By creating a space for like-minded people to gather and get to know each other, hopefully they can be assured that there are others in the same position as them.

Not only that, but we’ve got the speakers.

We’ve booked some creatives who have been there, learnt the lessons and live to tell the tale. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to leverage your gifting, pursue your goals and create something that makes an impact.

We all do what we love for a living and we want others to join in the fun.

Inspire events are not just for out and out creatives though. Hopefully professionals from all over will see this as an opportunity to expand their knowledge and be inspired to try something new. There’s always a need for creativity no matter what industry you are in.

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Our first big speaker event is happening on Thursday 5th September and it’s with David Watson, a director at National Museums Liverpool.

Titled ‘Thinking Digitally in Arts and Culture’ the talk will draw on his experience in his current role, working for Hull City of Culture, London 2012 and more. It is bound to be a fascinating insight into content creation and marketing for events and more.

Work in the creative industry and need that extra push to start that event you’ve always wanted to put on? Got an ambition that you’ve thought about pursuing but haven’t had the push to take it all the way? This is for you.

Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/creative-point-thinking-digitally-in-arts-culture-tickets-65722542895