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A Social Strategy That Actually Works

Social Strategy That Actually Works

In an online world where brands are increasingly put under pressure by unfriendly algorithms, it can seem overwhelming for small companies and freelancers to make a success of social media marketing without taking it up as a full-time job.

Jenni, Head of Media at eskimosoup and celebrated social media mentor to marketers and business owners across the Humberside region, offers an exploration into social media strategy that actually works to forge real connections with an audience, creating a dedicated and loyal online community.

Ultimately, you can save precious time and energy and sell without posting a single sales post, whatever your business and whoever your audience.

About the speaker

Jenni Harrison is one of the region’s top social media marketing and content creation experts. With over six years of experience working with teams across the creative industries in events production, media, and marketing, she is currently residing in Hull as Head of Media at the social good marketing company, Eskimosoup.

Finalist for Young Digital Person of the Year at the Digital Awards 2018, she has been the lead creative on award-winning campaigns, curated innovative content for public sector brands, and is a celebrated social media mentor and teacher to marketers and business owners across the Humberside Region.

With her broad experience, knowledge and practical skill set of the technical and creative, both offline and online, she has become an invaluable team members and leader, definitely someone to save to your contacts list.