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INFORM: Winning With Influencer Marketing With Peter Andrews


Influencer Marketing will be explored at an interactive event held in partnership with Creative Point and Hull University Business School.

Influencer Marketing, one of the biggest digital marketing trends, will be explored at an interactive event held in partnership with Creative Point and Hull University Business School.

In our digital landscape, it is becoming more difficult than ever for marketers to reach audiences with authentic messages that cut through the clutter. Influencer Marketing has become a channel in its own right for business to bypass the usual marketing routes to reach their target audience. 

By 2020, it is estimated that £8bn p.a. will be spent globally on Influencers, with up to 75% of companies in the West participating in this form of marketing. But how effectively is this money being spent, what are the returns on investment and what can we learn from some of the most successful influencer marketing campaigns?

This interactive session will be led by Peter Andrews, Senior Marketing Lecturer at Hull University Business School. Peter said "With so many organisations investing in influencer marketing, it is critical to understand the best way to reach your objectives. Every organisation, no matter what their size or customer profile will have influencers, so we will look at the best way to identify them, work with them and be more effective. Influencer marketing is not about chasing followers, its about engagement and creating authentic and meaningful interactions that make a difference to your company and your customers"

Peter will discuss the difference between “influencers” and “content creators”, challenge how you engage with influencers and show why they can have such a big impact on brands, this session is one not to be missed.


Peter is the Business School’s lead academic in digital and social media marketing, working with organisations and on commercial research projects.

He has a commercial background as director of an international consumer healthcare business and a director at Freshology, a marketing and innovation consultancy.

He has been directly responsible for adding over £350m of sales growth from innovation, brand growth and shaping strategy.  Peters’ research and business expertise: Digital Marketing & Social Media, branding & brand development, marketing strategy, big data application, market research and innovation.


6pm - 6:30pm - Networking, food and drinks.

6:30pm - 7:15pm - Peter Andrews on Winning With Influencer Marketing.

7:15-7:30 - Break.

7:30 - 8:00pm - Peter Andrews on Winning With Influencer Marketing.